Timber Shear Walls (part I)

WEI 601 – Timber Shear Walls (Part I)

by: Dr. Charles Chadwell, PE., California State Polytechnic University, SLO

This module is a part of two module sequence and it is 58 minutes long.

This is the first module and its focus is on the function and design methodologies of timber shear walls. It begins with the definition of a shear wall and a description of basic shear wall types  available to the structural designer. The  majority of the presentation is devoted to the wood sheathed shear walls. This module describes the function and purpose of this type of shear wall the basic design methodologies available.  Code guidelines (2005 SPDSW) are provided in the context of a simple example.

The second module (WEI Module 602) begins with a description of three code accepted  methods of analysis and design of more complex shear wall systems. The WEI602 is intended to be a continuation of this module with emphasis on examples.

Upon completion of this module, you will become familiar with the basic design sequence of a wood sheathed shear wall. You will be able to design a simple shear wall including providing specifications for nailing, end posts, and connections. You will be able to check the demand/capacity relationship for it adequacy of design in the context of NDS and IBC.