WEI Modules

The following is the list of individual modules that have been develop or are being developed by WEI. If you are interested in contributing to the development of any of the modules please contact the Chair or Co-Chair of WEI.

WEI No. Description Status
Introduction Sequence
Properties of Wood
101 Characteristics and Structure of Wood Completed
102 Mechanical Properties In Development
151 Demand- Capacity Relationship, Design Methodologies, Loads and Load Combinations In Development
Capacity Sequence
Sawn Lumber
121 Grading and Reference Design Values Completed
122 Adjustment Factors I Completed
123 Adjustment Factors II Completed
Engineered Wood
161 Structural Panels Completed
171 Glulam Beams Completed
Structural Engineered Lumber UD
I-Joists UD
Demand Sequence
Structural Design Loads
201 Introduction to Structural Design UD
210 Vertical Loads: Dead & Live UD
220 Vertical Loads: Snow UD
230 Lateral Loads: Wind UD
240 Lateral Loads: Seismic UD
Design Sequence
Design (Beams, Columns and Beam-Columns)
301 Axial Loaded Member Completed
310 Bending Member Completed
315 Combined Loading Member Completed
351 Design for Fire Resistance Completed
361 Wood Preservatives and Fire Retardants UD
Courses and Workshops UD
401 Timber Design (12-week online course w/2 day workshop) UD
410 Advanced Timber Design UD
Horizontal Diaphragms
501 Diaphragm Behaviour: flexible Completed
510 High Load Diaphragms UD
520 Sub-diaphragms UD
530 Large Diaphragms UD
Vertical Diaphragms – Shear Walls
601 Timber Shear Walls (part I) Completed
602 Timber Shear Walls (part II) Completed
605 Segmented Shear Wall Design (two-story example) UD
610 Perforated Shear Wall Design (two-story example) UD
650 Chords and Collectors Completed
701 Basic Behavior of Wood Connections UD
710 Nail and Wood Screws Connections UD
720 Bolted Connections Completed
750 Heavy Timber Connections: Rivets, Split Rings, Shear Plates Completed
Construction Sequence
Structural Detailing
801 Detailing of Wood Frame Walls Completed
810 Detailing of Roof and Floor Framing UD
Detailing of Diaphragms and Shear Walls UD
820 Chords, Collectors and Splices UD
830 Diaphragm to wall anchorage UD
850 Heavy Timber Connections Detailing UD
Behavior Sequence
1000 Virtual Laboratory
1010 Material Variability UD
1020 Flexural Member Failure Mechanism UD
1030 Compression Member Failure Mechanism UD
1100 Single Shear, Double Shear Fasteners UD
Case Study Sequence
2000 Virtual Design Studio
2100 Design of Industrial Building UD
2200 Design of a Multi-Family Building UD
2210 Hotel Design Example Part I UD
2211 Hotel Design Example Part II UD
2300 Design of a Commercial Building UD
2400 Design of a Religious Building In Development
2500 Design of a Pedestrian Bridge In Development
2600 Design of a Tall Building In Development