Combined Loading Member

WEI 315 Combined Stress Members

by: Dr. Charles Chadwell, PE., California State Polytechnic Univeristy, SLO

This is a 55 minute module. It covers design of wood member subject to combined axial and bending loads.

This module describes the various states of  combined stress members and their applicability to both sawn lumber and glue laminated beams. While this module,  is more focused on outlining the required checks for the various combined stress limit states,  some guidelines and suggestions  pertaining to the design of structural members under combined stress are provided .

Upon completion of this module, you will become familiar with what constitutes a combined stress member, how to recognize and identify this member class, how to check if the demands upon the combined stress member complies with the requirements of 2005 NDS, and  some basic understanding of how to begin and execute a design of this type of structural element.